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Full Version: MOD, XM, S3M, etc
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I'm a little confused by something.

I have some vague memories of having listened to .xm files in xbmc a long time ago, and when I read MODPlayer (wiki) it doesn't say it's an addon which gives me the impression that it's something which is supported in the base Kodi installation. And indeed, "find . -name \*modplug\*" yields some relevant hits in my 15.2 checkout.

But when I browse music files in Kodi, it doesn't list the .xm files, nor does it play them if I hit enter on them in the file manager. I browsed the music addons but couldn't find any modplug entry.

Should Kodi be able to play "mods" (xm, s3m, etc) "natively"? If not, what do I need to do to enable support for them?

I'm starting to wonder if I never played the xm in xbmc, but rather played an mp3 conversion of it. Tongue
$ project/cmake/addons
$ cmake . && make

.. builds (all) addons. I would remember if I had that before, so I'm going to chalk this up to lousy memory.
audiodecoders were moved to addons semi-recently.

there are 3 decoders available; modplug (meh), dumb (good) and openmpt (good).