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Full Version: ListItem.AudioLanguage.1 not working?
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Hey there everyone,

I wanted to mod the skin I am using to display all available audio languages as icons in ShowCase view. I've been looking through all the posts and also the deprecation of the videoscript to core including ListItem.AudioLanguage.

But here comes my problem. The regular ListItem.AudioLanguage seems to work, but the .1, .2, etc. are always empty. I tried digging though the code and found that CVideoThumbLoader:Big GrinetectAndAddMissingItemData is supposed to create these properties but I am clueless when that is supposed to run.

Before I dive even deeper can someone hop in and help me if i am doing something fundamentally wrong?

Many thanks.
it's ListItem.Property(AudioLanguage.x)

this functionality was added in Kodi Jarvis, so make sure you're running one of the latest betas.
* ralfonat slaps self around a bit with a large trout.

well, that explains that Smile Many thanks ronie

If ListItem.AudioLanguage[.n] doesnt work maybe it should be changed in the wiki?
thx, didn't realize the wiki had wrong info on this.
will fix it.