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Full Version: What is kodi used for?
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Hi so just wondering what is kodi used for then might sound stupid bit since my last post got stopped?

wrathchild, you might be better off asking for support at e.g. freaktab forums http://freaktab.com/forum/tv-player-supp...tv-players
Hey thanks for getting back will I be safe to ask my old question on there? thank you
Kodi is an open source media player project primarily to watch/listen to your own local copy of media. It also allows you to install add ons which allow you to watch/listen to legitimate sources of media on the internet.

Kodi is not a media provider or gateway to 'free sports and movies' despite what the 'fully loaded' box sellers will tell you. They are parasites taking a free project and abusing it by installing add ons which access illegal copies of licensed media until the content owner has the hosting site shutdown. Then once they have your money they wash their hands of the problem.
So its used for your own music from a USB stick? All these apps you can search for on the device its self are copyright?
I don't know what is on your device but if any of the add ons are on the banned add ons (wiki) list then they not for discussion on these forums. The forum rules also mean no help for other problems if you have these add ons installed.
What is the best TV boxes out there atm?
I'm on Windows as per my signature and it does everything I could possibly need. However it is way over specified for Kodi because I play PC games on it too.

If I was looking at a one box solution I would get the nvidia shield, it is quick reliable and as a Kodi sponsor it will get plenty of support going forward.
Thanks for the great help there I have it on PC too and my nvidia sheild tablet my PC is good but fans make it hard to sit down and watch stuff. So you would recommend shield TV box?

Btw love gaming on PC ha
If you're looking for a TV box, avoid all the cheap and nasty Android ones (the eBay ones that are "fully loaded") and also avoid the illegal source streaming apps like the ones I binned your original post concerning. The Shield is a good if slightly expensive option, but there are others. See the hardware section for more ideas (and some warnings of not so good devices).

There are reputable (paid) sources available on the net, but the simplest way is to invest in a PVR backend such as TVHeadEnd (look in the PVR section for many more options) and use that as the local source for your Kodi set-up to display.

Basically if your source is giving you something for free that you would normally have to pay for, then it's not going to be from a stable and legitimate source, and so the chances are it will be poor quality, short lived, unstable or most likely all of the above.
TBH, I'll probably pick up a shield just to see what it's like.

It doesn't currently have HD audio passthrough so no DTS-HD MA or TRUEHD unless you use Kodi 16 beta and this will not make the full release until Kodi 17 I believe.

Lots of people use the Raspberry Pi with Openelec and that gets good reviews too so definitely read up on that in the forums.
Hi Darren is there any thread links on which is the best option for buying? Thanks for the help.

The nvidia shield looks like a good machine just a pricey one haha. I've heard the raspberry is good to want to make the right choice this time as the andriod MX is a bit pants
Look in the hardware and pvr sections of this forum, and also do a bit of research on the net. I don't know of any specific links (aside from those in the above sections) as I don't use PVR myself on my set-up. Many here do though, so if you ask in the general parts of those sections you should get some recommendations (just read the existing threads first).

But I do run a Pi2 as my main box, and it works fine taking my ripped movies from my NAS box (plus occasionally BBC iPlayer and NASA TV).