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Full Version: Auto Updates for Skins/Builds
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Hi All,

This is my first post on this forum, not sure if this is the right place to post this question so please correct me if im wrong, but im hoping you can help me anyway.

So, a few family members who are lets say 'less tech savvy' then i am have purchased android boxes with Kodi on them. I originally set the boxes up with the addons for them, however, when the addons aren't working, i get repeated phone calls telling me this!

I was looking to set up a build and upload it to a sever where I can install through the repo but was wondering if it is possible to push updates out to them for it to automatically update? Will it do this if i replace the file on the server?

Im fully aware of how to create the build, ZIP it and upload it etc., i was just wondering if its possible for the build to auto update on a family members version of Kodi.

Any help would be appriciated Big Grin
Hmmm... A single post and I see the terms build and addon in that same post... I personally hate seeing the term build Sad seems to give people an OK feeling that stealing the work of others and passing it along as their own with the expectation that if all does not go well somebody else will, should, or would want to help...
Last I checked their was no honor among pirates. Parlay?!?

Most likely you are referring to banned add-ons (wiki) which are not supported on these forums and will likely not even get a response other than this one...

If I am not correct then feel free to explain yourself in more detail so a more helpful answer can be provided.