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Full Version: Please confirm - mp3+g playback still viable in 16/17
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Karaoke files stored as .zip (mp3 + cdg) currently play fine in Kodi 15.x

I had read a thread where the player code was getting a rework, and "Karaoke" playback was targeted for removal.

Can someone please confirm whether this is the case? It will certainly affect my current add-on development and direction overall.

I'm on the fence at the moment. I have a large library of karaoke files, but I also can see that Youtube is now basically allowing (not removing) karaoke files from "licensed vendors". So it seems plausible that this is a viable resource, and worth building a Karaoke add-on around.

On the other hand, for those that have collected discs over the years, and built up a library, the old fashioned library maintenance suits them just fine.

The deciding factor is whether or not Kodi will continue to play mp3+cdg files.

Support for karaoke was removed in v16. Not because we dont want to support it, but the implementation was quite bad and there was no maintainer for that stuff.
see https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/8285
If you can shed a light on how karaoke has to work (as none of the currently active devs knows anything about it), we might be able to help integrating it in a proper, future proof way. Ideally karaoke feature itself would become a self contained add-on. If you have the skill and motivation to work on realising karaoke as an add-on, we're happy to assist and implement required interfaces if necessary.
I agree that Karaoke features per se shouldn't pollute core code and skin details. The addon I've been working on implements the following features:

Venue management
Singer management
Singer favorites
Song import
Search by song id
Search song title
Search artists
Browse songs by artist (alpha)
Browse songs by title (alpha)
Browse most popular

Here is a rough video going over some of the features. The addon is currently named Kodioke.


I intend also to build the web interface / json to utilize a mobile app or web interface for singer login, queuing, song browsing/searching.

We have Karaoke parties pretty regularly, but I'm by no means a KJ professional, so the dynamics might be a bit different, and personally I think pros use things like KJams or Hoster with multiple monitors. The target audience for my current effort are home parties and folks with established Karaoke libraries (zip) files.

I'll probably weigh in on usability more as I get closer to finish line, but I think so far the features I have will suffice for most people.

Mark aka thetazzbot
yea, so i confirmed that the changes made by the pull request removed playback of mp3+g files

That was unnecessary IMHO. Sure, the GUI stuff and the workflow could have been pulled by leave the player code.

So, what do you suppose it will take to re-implement this?

I'll look at the wiki for some "how to build kodi" articles....