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Full Version: DVD to MP4 Add-on?
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Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if there was a way to rip a DVD using a Kodi add-on that would convert the file to MP4. I would have preferred to have kept the MKV format, but DLNA does not support MKV on the TV's that I am using. I am currently using Couch Ripper, but I cannot seem to find a way to set it up without writing my own script, which unfortunately is not my expertise. I am planning on using this machine on the main TV and would like to convert without leaving Kodi, turning off powershell, getting a mouse and keyboard, etc. Does anyone have a script they are willing to share or the knowledge of another add-on that would accomplish this?

Thank you

Just found a program called Drop Folders that sounds like it will work, but again I need the arguements to put into DropFolders, specifically to convert MKV to MP4.

DropFolders webpage.

Thank you

I hate doing this, but Bump?

Has anyone else have an issue like this?
How are you ripping DVD's with Kodi and saving them as MP4?
Kodi can't rip DVDs, only CDs.

You'll need to use a separate DVD ripped program for that. Some people options are listed on the wiki - Video encoders/rippers (wiki)
MP4 and MKV are just containers, sooo maybe you can get away with a re-mux. You would need to extract the appropiate streams form inside the mkv then just mux then into an mp4, as long as the streams are compatible with the mp4 container.

There should be a lot of command line tools for this, I really can't recommend anything since its been *AGES* since I've done something similar.
@ Darren Hill

"I am currently using Couch Ripper" Couch Ripper is an Add-on I found for Kodi that allows me to rip the DVD, but the output is MKV, which can be read by Kodi, but cannot be read by the smart tvs.


I have heard that it is better to change the container rather than converting.
I didn't think about changing the extension. haha. It actually worked. So now I need to figure out a way on how to get it to automatically change the extension. I am going to try and learn.

I will post my findings here, wish me luck.

Thank you

LOL at renaming!!! well, it it works....

It seems that couch ripper uses handbrake, I've used handbrake once or twice and I thik it could output as mp4.

Good luck
YES! It works. This is how it works step by step.

1. User inserts DVD
2. Within Kodi, user selects couch ripper add-on
3. Couch Ripper places the DVD to a temp folder (I:\Temp)
4. The disc is ejected.
5. Watch 4 Folder automatically detects the media removal and prompts the user to name the MKV.
6. The MKV is renamed with the MP4 extension.
7. The file is moved to I:\HTPC Media\DVDs

Watch 4 Folder is a program that literally watches a folder(s) for any changes that you specify. I have it set to Media remove, so when the DVD is ejected automatically after ripping, a batch file will run and complete tasks 4 through 6 automatically in the background (other than asking the user for a file name). Here is the script I used.

@echo off
cd I:\temp
set /p answer= Enter file name:
ren *.mkv "%answer%.mp4"
move I:\temp\*.mp4 "I:\HTPC Media\DVDs\"
echo on

Might not be the most elegant script, but considering I have never created a batch file before and it only took me half a day. I'm happy. lol.

For anyone else trying to do this:
1. Open Notepad
2. Copy and paste the above into notepad.
3. If your folder is located on the C drive, delete the first line "I:". If your folder is located on another Drive replace I with whatever letter corresponds to that drive.
4. Set the location where the MKV is being dropped, i.e. a temp folder that you set in couch ripper. i.e. cd I:\temp
5. Edit the "Move" line to reflect the temp location and also where you want the file to go.
6. Make sure to save it as a .bat and name it whatever you like. In Watch 4 folders, simply select execute file when setting up a folder to watch and select the batch file you just created.

Very simple once you have the script. lol.


Thanks for your help! Handbrake does outputs in MP4, but Couch Ripper only outputs MKV and Couch Ripper ignores the settings for Handbrake. Well this has been fun. lol.

Call me a mad scientist, but it works. haha