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Full Version: DirectInput right axis
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I can't seem to map my right stick using a "ps dualshock" like controller.
Logfile: http://www.xbmclogs.com/psi5uhn5t

This occurs on the devices that are detected by DirectInput it seems.
When i come to the point that i want to map the right stick, it will not accept my axis as input.
It will allow me to map when i move the stick left, but not right.
When i try to map it again by selecting the right stick in the GUI, it will directly think i pressed a button.
(without me touching any buttons!)
I also had the issue with previous version, and i can reproduce the issue every time.

I hope this bug report makes sense.
Tested it again with build: RetroPlayer 15.2 pre-release 2016-01-14, since it had some windows fixes.
But i am still having issues with directinput controller.
Previously i could map the leftstick, but not the right. But now the left stick is also unable to map.
Logfile: http://www.xbmclogs.com/posr5stod

It behaves also diffrent, because with previous version i only had to map left stick move up, and left stick move left.
But now Kodi is asking for more directions.

Am i the only one having this issue?
Additional info:
When i try to map my actual leftstick, to the left/right/up/down actions i can only map the following:
<feature name="down" axis="+1" />
<feature name="left" axis="-0" />
<feature name="up" axis="-1" />
Moving the leftstick right will not be detected.But i also had testruns where an other random direction was not detected.

For the rightstick it will only detect 2 directions:
<feature name="left" axis="-2" />
<feature name="right" axis="+2" />