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Full Version: how to change focused control selection on startup?
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Every time Kodi boots the selector automatically focuses on QUIT, in stead of the top entry: MOVIES
I see this in the Home.xml file and I think that's what causing my issue

<defaultcontrol always="true">300</defaultcontrol>

but I have no idea what the ID would be for the MOVIES entry.
Tried to discover it with heavy debugging enabled but all it showed was the window ID's, and I need the control ID (from what I understand after reading the wiki)

Anyone knows how to fix this so it auto focuses on MOVIES on start up?
edit: Using 14.2 Helix with Amber 2.0.17

Fixed this by changing in Includes_Vertical_Home.xml
<control type="fixedlist" id="300" description="Main Bar">
to "list" and repositioning it so it's centered again.