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Full Version: Problems playing albums from Music-Files menu
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Hello. I use Kodi a lot also for listen music. Sincerly I don't like very much to use the music library, also for the reason that some albums are not easily recognized by Kodi library, and I don't have time to edit tags, rename tracks and so on. I prefer to use the simple Music-Files navigation through the folders I've created in my HD. But, when I choose a folder with an album inside, when I play the first track, the following tracks are nor played automatically. Pratically I've to play any track manually, but it's a nightmare. In the Music Setting, I've activate the "Play next track automatically" function, but it still not work. Someone can help me? Many thanks
Sorry, I've verify that I have the problem only using the KORE remote App, that seems to have not the possibility to play the complete album using the File-Music navitation. Using directly the Kodi interface on the PC it's possible
I turn the problem in the Kore section of the forum. Thanks