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Full Version: where download the pvr -iptv single client
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many thank for to said me for install it in the kodi 15.2 this version is OK since 1 year now n
many thanks
(2016-01-12, 14:08)David1977 Wrote: [ -> ]http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Install_Kod...PVR_Addons

Thank you for your response but I have a big trouble shooting with my OS debian 8.2 becaue I have install this one , but after impossible to go to list of pvr-iptvsimple....,? ? I have kodi since 3 years ago, without problem with they 250 TV chaine dispersals ? I think it's a problem , I not sure to continue on this install way for kodi .... many thank again dear Davis 1977 see u soon Huh