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Full Version: Stuttering - Real 4k - CPU 100%
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i am just testing a 4k Movie. However as i can see the movie stutters quite a bit.

The question now is , is it a hardware issue , or is it a software issue.

Here is a log of the Movie while playing :


I have an Intel NUC with an I3-4010U CPU and 4gigs of RAM.

Thanks for the clarification.
Quote:18:28:22 T:140630030276352 INFO: ffmpeg[7FE6FAFFD700]: Stream #0:0(eng): Video: h264 (High 10), yuv420p10le, 3840x2076 [SAR 1:1 DAR 320:173], 23.98 fps, 23.98 tbr, 1k tbn, 47.95 tbc (default)

HI10p not supported via hardware. That video wins the new award for the worst encoding ever released. They copied the Atmos track, but transcoded 8 bit bluray to 10 bit h264 ... haha.
i tried changing to Software.

Gives me the same Crap.
This file won't run on your hardware! Try a core i7 instead ...

Not sure howto make it more clear: they guy that encoded this file had no clue of anything ...
i also noticed that it was buffering. I am wondering if it's the Network or if its due to the Hardware ?
It's your hardware. This is a 10 bit h264 codec, named hi10p, in a 4k resolution. If you press "o" you should see all cpu cores at a certain maximum ... it has nothing to do with your network.

If you want, make a small sample for me.

dd if=yourfile of=sampleForFritsch.mkv bs=1M count=100

I want that in my library for insane encoded files ...
lol , will do
ID : 1
Format : AVC
Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile : High [email protected]
Format settings, CABAC : Yes
Format settings, ReFrames : 5 frames
Duration : 2h 7mn
Width : 3 840 pixels
Height : 2 076 pixels
Display aspect ratio : 1.85:1
Frame rate mode : Constant
Frame rate : 23.976 fps
Color space : YUV
Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0
Bit depth : 10 bits
Scan type : Progressive
Title : Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) - Release for ULTRAHDCLUB

Totally insane ... if this "release group" wanted that a wide range of users watched their files ... yeah, no comment or I get in conflict with hi10p fanboys again.
Some team members actually had the hardware to play it, on a core i7 6700K and a high clocked core i5 with 4 real cores ...
Software decoded in that case ?
Btw. if you go to the source (where you pirated the file, which has no support by team kodi at all), you see that people are complaining, that it is not hevc-10bit as the original would have been ... hevc-10 bit does not work on linux via hw acceleration as of now (besides on amlogic) ... so a GTX950 or better with the relevant revision is needed for hevc-10bit. For the file you have here h264 10 bit, a core i5 3 ghz or a core i7 is needed ...
(2016-01-12, 21:19)DrPepper Wrote: [ -> ]Software decoded in that case ?

As I explained now 3 times via PM. Yes, man - h264 10 bit will never ever be hw accelerated. This format is obsolete. The original source was hevc-10 bit, why that "uploader" encoded it to the obsolete h264 10 bit format ... will be his secret.

You also won't be able to play hevc-10 bit on your core i3 ... it won't be possible for intel on linux before the new Broxton Atom is released, which brings hw decoding support with vaapi.
Is your libary of insane encodings shared somewhere? Like a public dropbox folder or something? ?