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Full Version: Game controller art for Retroplayer
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do you want the line indicators for buttons too?
And yes I have already done it, so I just need to expand the strokes.
I will merge it too so you have surfaces to play around with Smile

I think I'll also do you the line indicators (won't be needed for this controller later on - but if you want to use it now...)
Just for info there are some pretty incredible controller icons included in the latest OpenEMU release.


They don't seem to be public but look very cool.

EDIT: Here's the guy whos doing them

Heh, that's 3D. Out of my realm of competencies unfortunately.
You could get in touch with him to get another version of all the controllers and all the systems, but I think it would take waaay longer, especially the systems.
It is a photo-realistic approach while mine is more of a "designy" approach.
Yeh some of them are not top down either, so of little use. Just thought they looked very cool Smile
He already has the models and has them skinned, if you get in touch with him he might just give you the renderings you need.

here it be. No time for the line indicators yet.
Grab it on the Asana board!

Saw that garbear was changing the controller layout image here, and saw that there is an error on the new 360 controller layout. Where button A should be X.

nice find!
@garbear do you need me to fix this or can you swap those letters?
Can you fix? I'll grab the updated file from asana
The art looks amazing, just wanted to give you my big respect for the effort you are doing here. Hope you are holding on to this project - would be awesome to have a consistent art for all the controllers there are!
Hey, yes, I am.
Had a bit of a family problem, unfortunately that has delayed me these 4 months.
It is resolved now, so I'll get cracking on the rest ASAP.
Hi grumpygamer,

hope you are well and especially your family issues are now resolved - just wanted to support you and cheer you on. I know that a lot of users here are waiting eagerly to see your awesome artwork project advance, jsut wated to say that your effort is very much appreciated and if I can donate to you somehow as a small thanks, please be so kind and drop me a pm!

Hope you will find the time to continue working on the great artworks you started Smile
Not to worry I'm back on it, I'm doing the dreamcast at the moment, but I have little to no free time for the next few weeks!
added the dreamcast!

Instead of adding random platforms now I'll start from the table and work my way down, I'll do all the green ones first.
That leaves me an open question: the first entry is "Web app" I'm guessing it's not a console Big Grin
Can some one explain?
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