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Full Version: No Cover art for TV Shows Section
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When I first got Kodi, I didn't know any different and had G***** add-on. I added some shows to my library and as the new ones would come in they would show in the TV Shows section of Kodi and once I watched them they would go away. When they appeared in the TV Shows section they were in folders and the as long as you had the right style chosen, they we pretty good size folders and they had album art on them. I have since gotten rid of G****** and am now using USTV Vod and have it working well but on my main Kodi PC, the icons are just the default folder icon. I can't get the art to show now matter what I choose. All the shows have the same, default folder icon except 1, oddly enough. The show Limitless shows the right picture on it's folder cover but none of the others. I have the same setting on this laptop and when I go to the TV Shows section on here, they all have the cover art. What am I missing? Thanks.