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Full Version: [Alpha1] Videoplayer on Windows 10 - 64bit
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there seems a problem on playing DVDs with the latest KodiSetup-20160115-7fe65f3-master.exe

I'm not able to play - after first *ifo files my screen is black, or on an other DVD the Menue does not appear.

[The same proplem was in Kodi builds for Raspberry (after #1001) - but seemd to be fixed now ]

Here is a _Test file, unable to play for me.

debug kodi.log: http://xbmclogs.com/pdolgftyh

Now i have a look on my AndroidDevice...fear the worst ;-)

Is this the Tina DVD?
Hello FernetMenta :-)
...yes, this is the Tina DVD - sorry for my terrible english.
Other DVD's have also Problems with playback orDVD-Menue

I notices this for a short time - my faforite Device for Video is RaspberryPi - and now in notice this bug in my windows Kodi.
On Android i've also this problems - is this the same construction area?

For Windows it should be fixed with: https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/8886

We don't have a dev for Android at the moment and I don't care much for this platform. If you are lucky this pr fixes this as well, if not, hmmm Smile
Thank You Rainer ;-)

what can i do in this context?

...switch back to Kodi16.0Beta5 Git:20160110-9d9a153 and DVD's are playable.
master is a development branch and things may break for a short while. I am grateful for feedback like yours that point out errors early and we can fix those. once pr 8886 is in, DVDs will work again. in the meantime you could switch back to v16
Tina plays fine now on Krypton, @doldi - you should give it a try with the latest nightly.
Thank You all,
but at the moment i have a total hardware crash - i have lost all my DVD's on my little server (3 TB) Cool

No Tina at the moment Undecided

see you later