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Full Version: [split] Official Add-On Website- issues and suggestions
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I keep getting this crazy pop up: USTVnow Error at the bottom of my screen with an x in the middle of a circle...Check the log for more information. I've uninstalled the add-on...haven't used it since we started using Kodi, but it still keeps coming up. In addition to that, a window for USTVnow keeps popping up in the middle of the screen: Connection FAILED! Check your login credentials and try again later... Is there any way to stop this from happening? It's very annoying trying to watch a movie with that pop up. Thanks!
The USTV Now servers are having problems, and so there's nothing for the add-on to connect to. It's all detailed in the add-on thread in the video add-ons section.

After you've uninstalled it, have you rebooted? There's probably still some scripting or something cached in memory which won't go until you do.
please keep it on topic. This is no support thread for addons, but a thread to report issues and wishes for the web frontend of our repository which can be found at http://addons.kodi.tv
Good point - thread split and moved to video add-ons.