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Full Version: cdART Manager Script "NG"
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Hi and welcome to the continued cdART Manager thread! (Click for the old one)

Almost exactly one year after publishing my first fix for giftie's famous cdART Manager it has suddenly made it to the official Kodi repo.
I'm not a professional python coder but backed by quite a few years of software development I'm doing my best to continue development of this script.

cdART Manager enriches your music collection with several types of fanart provided by fanart.tv.

- available again for the latest versions of Kodi

Wiki / FAQ
will be filled soon

Current Version
4.2.0 - available through official repo

Current Beta
This is open source, I'm happy if someone likes to participate development.
Available on github, check instructions and hints before attempting to install.

All artwork is powered by fanart.tv, consider contributing artwork if you can.

Please make sure you have read all 157 pages of the old thread before posting any questions Big Grin
Nice !
Stefan when i try to use the Downloaded All - for anything fanart/logo/disc it's juts poping for a sec and closes ....
I on Jarvis Beta 5 with Eminence 2 MOD .

Thanks .
You're fast Wink
How many entries of each type are shown in the bottom line? Can you upload a log to pastebin.com?
not from work Tongue i will get home and upload everything there ..
Thanks for the willing to help Smile


With Mad-Nox skin my library is working perfect !!!! fanart / cdart/ logo everything .

But when i change to Eminence 2 MOD , most of the artwork is not working .
Why is that ?
You need to set the path in eminence or it's a skin issue
i did that already , for some it's working but for most it's not working at all .
Really strange ...
A few years ago, I was successfully able to get this program to work, but now I have tried everything and nothing seems to make the program recognize and download cd & artist artwork? My files are tagged and scanned into the library. My folders are setup correctly, and my setting are according to the authors specifications, but still no progress? It seems like its only a minor issue, but nerve racking at the same time. I'm willing to upload a log file if its more complicated than a simple answer from a helpful person in this forum? Let me say, thank you in advanced if anyone can tackle my issue.
Usually it should work if everything is correct... but it's never that easy Wink
How many entries are shown in the bottom line after startup?
If you can upload your log to pastebin or so we'll usually find the problem.
Well.. At the startup of kodi it shows --- 119 artist,78 albums and 1358 tracks, under the music menu, but after 100 times trying to update and refresh the database in the cdart manager it does not register any entries? I'll try to upload that log asap. I might have trouble with that as well :-) been awhile. But thank you again. Imma give it a try.
Im not sure if this is the direct link but here it goes, http://pastebin.com/PQCQFuic
Thanks for the perfect log upload :-)
I'll check the details this evening and see how we can get this fixed.
Thank you
Is there a possibility to add support for gif files? Today, koi 16 enables movie wallpapers gif format.
Artwork is retrieved from fanart.tv and I haven't heard anything about gif's from that direction yet.
But yes, if they would provide gifs and Kodi would display gifs for whatever reason (256 colour but animated?)... it could be implemented.

So there's something seriously wrong with your scripts database. According to the logfile cdART Manager therefore tries to delete it but fails.
Could you try to exit Kodi and delete or rename this file:
"l_cdart.db" in the folder "C:\Users\Kevin\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data\script.cdartmanager\" and retry building the database.
If it doesn't work, exit Kodi again and rename the folder to
"C:\Users\Kevin\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data\script.cdartmanager_" (you'll have to configure the script again afterwards) and try again.
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