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Full Version: libCEC latest update on Ubuntu broke Kodi 17 CEC support
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As of latest Ubuntu libCEC driver upgrade to version Kodi 17 Alpha 1 will stop working with CEC support. Solution until developers fix this issue is to force downgrade on ubuntu to driver 3.0.1-1~trusty.

In case you dont know how to do this below you will find sollution:
apt-get install --reinstall libcec3=3.0.1-1~trusty

I have the same problem and i solve with your solution.

Ubuntu 14.04 with kodi 15.2 and Pulse height HDMI CEC-Adapter

Thanks again
Your welcome. I am glad at least someone doesnt have to strugle finding sollution.

Anyhow here is how you can solvew this for any debian distribution (not just Ubuntu 14.04)

Get available version from apt cache:
apt-cache showpkg libcec

you will get something like this:
Reverse Depends:
libcec3:i386,libcec 2.2
libcec3:i386,libcec 2.2
libcec3,libcec 2.2
libcec3,libcec 2.2
libcec3:i386,libcec 2.2
libcec3:i386,libcec 2.2
libcec2:i386,libcec 1.6
libcec2:i386,libcec 1.6
libcec3,libcec 2.2
libcec3,libcec 2.2
libcec2,libcec 1.6
libcec2,libcec 1.6
Dependencies: - libcec3 (5 libcec:i386 (0 (null))
3.0.1-1~trusty - libcec3 (5 3.0.1-1~trusty) libcec:i386 (0 (null))
Provides: -
3.0.1-1~trusty -

Reverse Provides:
libcec3 3.0.1-1~trusty
libcec2 2.2.0-2~trusty

check the version in bold trext

than just add wanted version after equal sign (=) in this command:
apt-get install --reinstall libcec3=add wanted version here

I wrote 2 lines to the Pulse-eight website giving my debug log from kodi. And they sayd that is a kodi bug that load libcec 3.0 instead libcec 3.

That's my log:

16:26:12 T:139952490837952 DEBUG: LoadMappings - loaded node "Motorola Nyxboard Hybrid"
16:26:12 T:139952490837952 DEBUG: LoadMappings - loaded node "CEC Adapter"
16:26:12 T:139952490837952 DEBUG: LoadMappings - loaded node "Pulse-Eight CEC Adapter"
16:26:12 T:139952490837952 DEBUG: LoadMappings - loaded node "iMON HID device"
16:26:12 T:139952490837952 DEBUG: CPeripheralBusUSB - initialised udev monitor
16:26:12 T:139952490837952 DEBUG: SECTION:LoadDLL(libcec.so.3.0)
16:26:12 T:139952490837952 DEBUG: Loading: libcec.so.3.0
16:26:12 T:139952490837952 ERROR: Unable to load libcec.so.3.0, reason: libcec.so.3.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
16:26:12 T:139952490837952 DEBUG: Dll libcec.so.3.0 was not found in path
16:26:12 T:139952490837952 ERROR: Initialise - failed to initialise bus cec
16:26:12 T:139952490837952 DEBUG: GetMappingForDevice - device (2548:1002) mapped to Pulse-Eight CEC Adapter (type = cec)
16:26:12 T:139951993607936 NOTICE: Thread PeripBusUSBUdev start, auto delete: false
16:26:12 T:139952490837952 DEBUG: SECTION:LoadDLL(libcurl.so.4)
16:26:12 T:139952490837952 DEBUG: Loading: libcurl.so.4
Its actualy not a bug. By the time they compiled kodi, there was no 3.1 version of libcec yet. I believe they will add/fix the correct version in future releases. Until than we will be forced to help each other with workarounds Wink
Thank you very much
now CEC works again for me
just had the same problem with my pulse-eight Adapter when installing updates to Lubuntu, now working great with your solution.... thanks for posting your fix Smile
I just update to kodi 16 Jarvis and still have this problem...
Thanks I ran into this problem after upgrading to Jarvis. Thanks so much for posting a solution, it worked great for me!
(2016-03-15, 16:29)lakram Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks I ran into this problem after upgrading to Jarvis.  Thanks so much for posting a solution, it worked great for me!

Hello everyone,

I used Ubuntu 14.04 with libcec3 3.0.1-1~trusty and the Pulse8 adapter worked well.

I now upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 and the latest Kodi, and the adapter doesn't work anymore.

I have libcec4:

nardo@htpc-br:~$ sudo apt-cache showpkg libcec4
Package: libcec4
Versions: (/var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_team-xbmc_ppa_ubuntu_dists_xenial_main_binary-amd64_Packages) (/var/lib/dpkg/status)
 Description Language: 
                 File: /var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_team-xbmc_ppa_ubuntu_dists_xenial_main_binary-amd64_Packages
                  MD5: d85ac50faaa9cffaa720cc9a95318e05
 Description Language: 
                 File: /var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_team-xbmc_ppa_ubuntu_dists_xenial_main_binary-i386_Packages
                  MD5: d85ac50faaa9cffaa720cc9a95318e05
 Description Language: en
                 File: /var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_team-xbmc_ppa_ubuntu_dists_xenial_main_i18n_Translation-en
                  MD5: d85ac50faaa9cffaa720cc9a95318e05

Reverse Depends: 

I also installed libcec3 to see if it works, however, I can't install the same version 3.0.1-1~trusty as in trusty, only 3.0.3~xenial.

I tried to remove libcec4, but I can't remove it without removing kodi too.

How can you work with the Pulse8 adapter and Kodi with Ubuntu 16.04 and the lastet Kodi version?
It seems that Kodi is using libcec4. How can I tell Kodi to use libcec3 instead?