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Full Version: Some channels don't play..
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Using PVRHDHomeRun the TV section of Kodi starts to work. The guide and channels are working fine, but at least two channels won't play.

The 'buffering 0%' starts and nothing else happens. Weird thing is, channels above and below the two that are stubborn do play fine.

I noticed this on MrMC and then reproduced the issue on 15.2 and the 16 beta 5(I think?).

Using the Video plug-in HDHomerun and TVJunkieMOD these channels play fine. They also play fine using other apps on my iMac.

Any suggestions (besides watching something else) to troubleshoot this?


This behavior happens using both the “PVR HDHomeRun Client” and the “NextPVR PVR Client” add-ons for live TV starting with KODI-14 (Helix). There is no solution for this problem yet (Random Live TV channels do not load in Kodi, only buffer (Buffering ... 0%)) except to downgrade to XBMC-13.2 (Gotham).

see BUG - KODI fails to display random live TV channels with “Buffering 0%” status