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Full Version: Two bugs
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First of all, this is far and away the best media manager/scaper I've used, it's definitely my favorite, so big thank you for that.

The 2 things I noticed.

For TV shows, for each individual episode, it scrapes the main cast along with the guest stars, when it should only be the guest stars. This makes the main casts names show up twice.

For movies, sorttitle works, but as soon as you make any more changes to the nfo, it erases the sorttitle.

I'm on linux btw.
with which scraper do you scrape (and an show example please!) - I've just scraped 24 with thetvdb and there are no duplicates in the episode UI or NFO..

according the sorttitle - there must be a zombie bug (a bug which has already been killed, but reappeared Tongue); I will look into that for 2.7.2
It's not that it's showing up twice in each respected in NFO per say. It's like this.

Say you have Steve Carrell as MIchael Scott in the office. He should be in the <actors> for the tvshow.nfo, but he shouldn't be in ANY episode NFO's. Only the guest stars should be.

The way it is now, he's in both the tvshow.nfo and each episodes. So if you're in Kodi, and you go to cast, and you click Steve Carrell. It will show The Office first, and then EVERY SINGLE episode of the office after that under [episode]. It shouldn't be like that.

Does that make sense?
okay - I am just wondering that no one complained that in the past 3 years Wink
unfortunately we've got a feature freeze for 2.7.2 (just preparing release); I will have a look for that issue with the next release
I was wondering why nobody said anything about it either, but I guess it's because in order to notice it, you have to utilize the cast feature when pressing info and actually click on the actors, which I guess not a lot of people do, but I do it all the time lol.
Actually now I don't know.

I just scraped a season in Kodi and exported the nfo files just to check. And all of the main cast is in fact in every episode NFO, but what I described above does not happen when searching cast, it works as it should.

The only differences I noticed are Kodi utilizes an <order> from 0 to whatever for main cast. AND an <order> tag from 0 to whatever for all the guest stars in each episode too. And it places the guest stars first, and the main cast after.

I'm not sure what it is that's making it work in Kodi and not in TMM. Hopefully you can figure it out.

Edit: Some more information. I took the nfos and loaded them in to TMM. I changed one episode title so that one NFO would be re-written. Loaded them back in to Kodi, and now it's back to listing every episode when clicking search, not just the one episode for which I changed the NFO, but for every episode. I now think it's the <order> tag which makes it work.
Ok, last update.

I just did it myself manually, and I can confirm 100% that if you don't include the main actors in the episode nfo's and just the guest stars, it works 100% as it should. You don't have to bother with the <order> tag or anything.
can you post a sample NFO from Kodi here please (to have a look at the kodi style)?
I wish I could. But believe it or not, my laptop broke yesterday. So all I have right now is a chromebox with openelec, I don't even have a Ubuntu usb lol. I'm typing this on my phone right now

I'll post it when I get a new laptop in a couple days, but like I said I would prefer just not putting the main actors in the episode nfos, it works perfectly. But I don't know what you or others think that about that.