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Full Version: CBC does not work on some items
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I am running OSMC on a Raspberry PI , and it has been a great experience. I had been using the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corp) add on and only some of the shows work, others post errors.
I recently( yesterday) imaged the whole system and started over and installed only the CBC addon. it sort of works......For example . I can watch Absolutely Canadian shows. but not the nature of things , it s says error written in log.
not too long ago, maybe september, october, the Nature of Things was all i watched. Here is the link to the log file http://paste.osmc.io/ekemekarid
if anyone can help , i would appreciate it . John
Ask in the official thread : Canadian broadcating Corp (cbc.ca)
The Author of the addon might not see this.

(I don't know what is wrong. I tried the episodes you watched. Works fine on Windows and Android.)