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Full Version: ClearLogo & ClearArt
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I have been using Amber for a long time with my Pi and wanted to bring a little bit more Artwork in the theme.

As I didn't saw anything like that, I've decided to try on my own to add ClearLogo on the Low List view (my preferate) and to add ClearArt on the Full Screen Info one.

Screenshots (looks better on a 16/9 TV) :
watch gallery

Xml files :
- View_54_LowList.xml : http://dl.free.fr/b8dbrlCgZ
- DialogFullScreenInfo.xml : http://dl.free.fr/wwJNyX2Me

To download the ClearArt & ClearLogo use Artwork Downloader.

If anyone have included other extra Artwork please share, I would like for example to have a Fanart slideshow.

Thanks !