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Full Version: EDL does not work
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I posted this on MythTV addon support and was told it belongs elsewhere. So I am trying here. Please let me know the correct place, if this is still not the correct one.

I am trying to integrate/customize myth TV PVR frontend addon to my new Kodi/Openelec. This is my first experience with Kodi, although I have been with mythbuntu for about 5 years now. I am trying to get EDL skipping to my liking. I want first and last 10sec of the of commercial to play at each cut-point. I followed the instructions on kodi twiki and created an advancesettings.xml. However, it does not seem to have any effect. I must be doing something wrong and I do not know what it is. My advance setting file is below

<!-- if true, commercial breaks will be merged according to the remaining options. -->
<!-- Commercial breaks won't be merged if the total length of the commercial break would be greater than this (seconds) -->
<!-- After merging, commercial breaks shorter than this will be removed (seconds) -->
<!-- Commercial breaks that are further apart than this won't be merged (seconds) -->
<!-- How long to wait before automatically skipping when the start of a commercial break reached (seconds) -->
<!-- How long to rewind after automatically skipping to the end of the commercial break (seconds) -->

I have the latest version downloaded from openelec (I believe v6.0) a month or so ago. I have NUC5PPYH and running openelec off a USB stick.

I also have one other issue. TV menu does not initialize even when my backend is on. I have to disable and enable PVR addon and everything comes back alive. This is less of a problem as I can do this once a day and it will be fine.

After about two weeks and posting on multiple threads, I got no answer. Since usage is a lot more important than nice looks, I am givin up on openelec/Kodi and switching to debian/mythtv. If any one solves this, please do respond and I will check every now and then

maybe this helps more...


do you have those files?
Thanks for your help.

I am using mythtvbackend and it provides edl. I think it is in some mysql database to the best of my knowledge. Not sure how mythtv addon works. Since commercial skipping works, I doubt it is a format problem. I am merely interested in seeing last few seconds of commercial to make sure that I did not overskip due to errors in commercial flagging. This happens automatically in mythtvfrontend, but not so in kodi. I was trying to duplicate somethings that I have come to be comfortable with. Any way, I could not get it to work and I searched high and low for answers and it appears that it is not easy to find answers. So, I asked here.