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Full Version: xbmc.org add-on empty on qnap ts-269
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Problems with xbmc addons on qnap ts-269. Ads-ons get marked as broken. Xbmc.org addon is empty nothing can be enabled/installed from there. Managed to re install xbmc.org addon from zipfile found from google, but it worked for some timeang got broken again. I have installed xbmc again several times on my qnap but with no fix, also tried to use older firmware on the nas. Then i contact to qnap helpdesk and they said that have many similar cases opened, but the problem is on xbmc side. Here is the answer i got from qnap support:

our developers managed to reproduce this issue, but cannot fix it, since the problem is not on our side, but on the side of XBMC. You can try contacting XBMC/KODI support regarding this - if they ask you to update to latest version, please state that it is not possible, since Intel does not provide new drivers that could support newer versions than XBMC 12.x.

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Lukas Zemina

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So does someone has any good fix for the problem?
hi I have a ts-269L which I have accidently uninstalled the XMBC instead of disable and enable. but QNAP are saying its now not supported and the Download for it is gone

I have managed to locate the file name for the file I need: XBMC_12.3.0_x86_cv.zip

is this the package you are using?
could I have a copy please?