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Full Version: How To Shuffle play with UPNP, or add UPNP to playlist?
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I have my music shared via a separate UPNP server, and I'd like to use the Kodi Music add-on to play random songs from this upnp server.

I can manually selecting an album or song to play. I can't figure out how to get upnp songs into a playlist so I could then play the play list in "Party mode".

I've also tried creating a playlist with the upnp path in the "Find items where" -> Path starts with upnp://..., but the play list is always empty.

I think I could get shuffle working (via Party Mode) if I could figure out how to add upnp songs to a playlist.

Any suggestions?

I think I found a workaround to shuffle UPNP songs that does not require using a playlist:

Navigate into the upnp device folder "Music" -> "All Music". Loading the "All Music" takes a while (5k songs in there).
Then select any song and play it. Starting the first song also takes a long time (almost 1+ minute).
Once playing, show the transport controls. You can then select the "Shuffle" button. Transitions to the next random song are very fast. You can also quickly skip to the next random song with the skip forward button - also very fast. Huzzah!