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Full Version: kodi box
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I just started using a Kodi android box on my sony bravia tv,
it works fine but the tv keeps rebooting when i,m watching a movie.
switching ooff and on again.
it only does this when watching programs on Kodi
any help greatly appreciated
please provide more info and a Debug Log. But as I suspect that the box you got was preloaded with piracy add-ons (like 90% these days), we can't and won't give support for these. Please check the list of Banned add-ons (wiki) - and if your installation has any of it and your playback issues are related to stuff played from these add-ons, you're out of luck. In that case, ask the vendor/seller of that box for help as he sold you that crap. If your issue can be reproduced with local media (like a video from a USB-stick, HDD, NAS) or an add-on from our official repository (like youtube), then please provide more info and as mentioned above a Debug Log showing the issue.
I don't know if this will help but my Samsung tv was doing this.. I had to turn on a setting on the tv called Anynet+ (hdmi-cec) apparently this is turned off usually by default.. (it might be called something else on a Sony tv.
OP might be on to something but the provided details don't help a lot. any device can only be controlled when HDMI-CEC is active, in your case it's called "Bravia Sync" - and this random behaviour can only happen if your android box (which model?) does weird things to this functionality.