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Full Version: File Manager Question
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Hi all,

I am having a go at creating my own build using the Xonfluence skin (15.2) and I've run into a bit of trouble with setting up background wallpapers.

I have a zipped folder of images which I need to get into Addons > Skin > Backgrounds in order for the images to appear in the Skin menu.

I have pushed my folder to the sdcard directory using adbFire and I am now trying to move the folder to the correct location using the Kodi File Manager.

The issue I am having is that I can't see the folder when I am in file manager. Is there someone I am doing wrong?

Navigate to respective folders with System>File Manager; Use context menu to copy from panel A to B or vice versa.
You must enable "Show hidden files and directories" first . Look for .kodi directory.

I've now been able to find the .kodi folder which is my destination folder but I'm still unable to see the zipped folder which I pushed to the sdcard using adbFibre