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Full Version: Jarvis support
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Hi garbear,

Any plans to rebase retroplayer to Jarvis?

I'd like to test it on my ODROID-C1 (Quad-core armv7h board with NEON and Mali GPU), but it doesn't run Kodi Helix without custom patching. I managed to get them merged upstream, so that mainline Kodi Jarvis works.

Thanks for your awesome work!
Yes, I will rebase on Jarvis once my Controller Input PR is merged (or i feel bored one day, whichever comes first)
Any more updates on releasing updated RetroPlayer Test Builds based on Kodi 16.x (Jarvis)?


I noticed that the branch has now been tagged "Final" for 16.0 release:


Jarvis have already been moved to its own tree branch so could be a good idea anyway?
(2016-02-01, 03:14)garbear Wrote: [ -> ]I will rebase on Jarvis once my Controller Input PR is merged
I understand that the Controller Input PR will be merged into mainline master and not backported to upstream Jarvis.

Maybe move to master for RetroPlayer Test Builds Kodi v17 (Krypton) instead Jarvis builds?