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Full Version: Dualshock 3 or 4
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I would like to test RetroPlayer but i do not have a compatible joystick. So now i have to get a Dualshock 3 or Dualshock 4 - which one should i get?

In general i prefer newer models but now i want a "painless" experience. Which of these will provide it in combination with RetroPlayer?
What OS?
Right now will test on Windows but my plan is to use it with OpenElec or OSMC (if I move a service or two to my Raspberry).
It all depends on what our input system can handle. Which basically boils down to what I can test on Smile The system is brand new and hasn't been tested on every device. If you do get a Dualshock controller, I'll help tackle any bugs in Kodi that pop up.
On windows use the scp revised(? Not sure if its revised, but it begins with R) drivers. Works with ds3+4. Controller behaves like a 360 controller so its compatible with everything a 360 controller is. Not sure about Linux.
OK then now it is time look for a DS4 controller. After that will test RetroPlayer for bugs Smile
Thank you all!
I can test both DS3 and DS4 in Linux. I'll try to test with both wired and Bluetooth. If I have any extra free time I will try to get OE on my Pi and test it there too.