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Full Version: kodi-send without disabling screenSaver ?
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hi yall

i've got a pi2 w/ openElec 6.0.1 (kodi 15.2) and after a few hours i got cec working properly to on/off the projector with the screenSaver.

at the same time, i have a ton of automation running on my server, like deleting ep's we've watched then cleaning the lib.

unfortunately this combo means whenever my scripts do something with kodi-send ... the screenSaver disables & it wakes up the projector.

( i wish kodi headless would be more then a hack job... but till then ) is there a way to make the screenSaver deActivate only by a keyPress on my MCE remote ?
I would love this to be possible for a similar reason.

My HTPC shuts off the TV as a screensaver. Now, everytime I send a new song to it, the TV turns on. A feature to have the screensaver timer ignore certain events would be very welcome.