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Full Version: Getting or building newer pvr.hts addon for OpenELEC on Raspi
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I'm using OpenELEC on a Raspberry Pi and lately I started digging into Live TV on Kodi. I set up a second Raspi with Tvheadend on Raspbian.

In the OpenELEC repository they have the version 2.1.18 of pvr.hts. That version is a bit outdated and does not support display of episode names ("subtitles") in the recordings list. Looking through the changelog of pvr.hts I found:

- [...]
- added: support for episode name (subtitle) for recordings

Is there any chance to get a more recent version than 2.1.18 for the OpenELEC on the Raspi 2? Or could maybe someone give me some quick instructions how to build the addon myself for that platform? (I have Linux Debian or Ubuntu virtual machines available for compilation if required.)

All the info I could find about compiling the addon is aimed at building it as a .deb package. I'd need it in form of a Kodi addon zip though, since OpenELEC does not have a packaging system.

(I also asked this in the OpenELEC forum, but haven't gotten a reply.)

Many thanks in advance!
You can compile it yourself and ZIP it manually. See the readme for some basic instructions.
Thanks for your reply, negge!

Do I have to perform the compilation instructions in the readme on a Raspi? Or can I cross-compile on a Debian/Ubuntu system?
Allow me to reply to myself.

Building the latest version of the addon worked fine on a Raspi. But I then found out that it requires a newer version of the PVR API in Kodi (4.2.0) than the one in the current OpenELEC stable (1.9.6).

So I learned something new, and I guess I'll wait until OpenELEC is officially bumped to the newer PVR API. Smile
You need to check which branch of the addon you're compiling. For OE 6 you want the Isengard branch. It's slightly newer than the version OE ships with, but nothing major has changed.
Thanks for the hint with the branch!

I also checked the main changelog, and it indeed seems the new feature(s) I'm looking for is only in the Jarvis/master branch. Alright, so I'll wait for OE to update to Jarvis and at the same time hopefully update the pvr.hts.

Alternatively, should I get in the experimental mood, I might install Raspbian on another SD card and manually put Kodi 16 on it. I just prefer OE because it boots so incredibly fast and nicely automates a lot of things. Smile
Forum user Milhouse regularly builds tvheadend for different platforms. For RPi2 see: http://milhouse.openelec.tv/builds/addon...tvheadend/
Thanks for the info MaxMustermann!

What you linked though is the TVHeadend service, not the client plugin. Smile

EDIT: I'm trying out Milhouse's test builds of OpenELEC 7 now, which contain the newer pvr.hts addon. Thanks again for the hint!