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Full Version: NFS problems
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i changed recently from a smb connection to a NFS connection from Openelec to my Shares. My Shares are from a Linux Server , and from a Synology NAS .
I followed the Kodi Wiki for the setup of the NFS Shares.

However i get now every once in a while File not accessible , would you like to remove it ?

this on all NFS Files.

If i wait a bit , it works again.

Here is a extract of the log file.


Anyone know what the issue could be ?

how to you mount your NFSshare under kodi. Can you post me your /etc/fstab please? I mount it with this on my Gentoo (systemd):

nfshost.local:/home/ /home/daten_nfshost/ nfs rw,_netdev,acl,intr,soft,bg,noauto,x-systemd.automount 0 0