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Full Version: Kodibuntu Noob, upgraded to 15.2 from 14 now it crashes on start
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Hey Guys,

I installed kodibuntu, worked fine then after setting up my xbox remote i was stuck on pictures, wouldn't let me select anything else.
disconnecting the xbox dongle made no difference, i decided to upgrade kodi incase that would help... now i can launch kodi isengard and it crashes right on start up.

if i login to kodi.. vs ubuntu it still launches helix, but it's stuck on pictures..
if anyone can help that would be great!

i also plan to use steam on this machine, the kodi launcher would be nice but not a necessity as i can switch users from kodi to Ubuntu and launch it that way..

The crash on boot of Kodi from the desktop sounds to me like the database files are corrupted. try navigating to the database folder and delete all the files ending in .db and then try to launch into kodi.