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Full Version: Ripping of CD's - how?
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in Ripping_CDs (wiki) it is described one has to use the context menu to rip a CD. When I enter a CD a related menu item appears - but I only can replay it by pressing the middle button of my Android remote control. Using one of the other buttons around of the cursor keys in this App does not open some context menu where I could start sipping of a CD.

So how can this be done? Currently my only chance to rip a CD is to enable this in settings as default operation as soon as a CD is inserted.

And by the way: where are the ripped CD data stored at?

That wiki page u linked to has all the answers:

To Rip the entire CD, highlight the Audio CD from the My Music root listing and choose Rip Audio CD from the context menu.

So you might need to bust out a keyboard or something if your remote wont bring up the context menu (the C button on the keyboard)

also on Settings -> Music -> Audio CD:

Saved music folder This option defines the location on your hard drive that ripped tracks will be saved to.

Thanks :-)