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Full Version: Tagged Movies still showing in Add Movies list
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I've been using tags now for some time to seperate movies for my kids and use the tag "kids" to do this. In the past movies which had already been added to the "kids" tag would be removed from the list when you go to add more. For some strange reason now it just shows every single movie regardless of if they are tagged kids or not. This makes adding more movies a bit of a nightmare as you dont know which movies are already tagged or not.

Can anybody think of any reason why this would happen?

I'm running Isengard 15.2 with MySQL.

EDIT: Bit of an update this deffo seems like it is a bug in Isengard 15.2.

I completed a fresh install of Windows Helix 14.2 and the movies do indeed vanish once added to a tag.
Fresh install of Windows Isengard 15.2 and the movies remain in list once add to a tag.
Fresh install Windows Jarvis 16 RC2 and the movies once again vanish once added to a tag.

Now i know the chances of this being resolved for Isengard is pretty slim since upgrading to Jarvis fixes the issue. My problem is the main kodi i run is installed on my NAS so i need to wait for QNAP to package Kodi and the chances of them packaging Jarvis anytime soon is quite slim.

Is there any particular files I can change in order to get this function back in Isengard. It would appear this bug is apparent right accross the board, Windows, Android, Linux etc.