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Full Version: Home menu shortcut to video add-on
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I have several video add-ons installed. For example NFL Game Pass and Twitch.TV. I am now wondering how to get a shortcut to them on the main menu to launch them directly. So that it looks something like this

NFL Game Pass - Movies - TV Shows - Twitch.TV - Settings - Quit

I was able to do that back when I used AeonNox but I can't seem to figure it out with Amber. Seems like I can only create a custom shortcut to an item from my favorite list but I can't add my addons to that list so that's sadly not working out.

Any help would be appreciated!

have you tried to add these add-ons as favorites, and then map them to custom menu entries ?
That's the thing, I'm unable to add them to favorites. If I select them in the add-on list and press 'C' on the keyboard, nothing happens
Maybe look at Super Favourites as a way around that?