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Full Version: Can't get from Kodi back to the Desktop
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I have the same problem as this thread:

258786 (thread)

I would like to exit Kodi and drop back to the Ubuntu system underneath (for maintenance or other purposes). I just installed the following, with no updates yet:


with NO updates or add-ons yet. Some older versions of Kodi work well on some of my hardware. Here is the hardware I am CURRENTLY trying to install Kodibuntu on:

Intel DH-77EB micro-ATX "multimedia" board (HDMI port onboard)
i3-3245 processor (video on chip)
Prolimatech Samuel 17 passive cooler (only 45mm tall!)
2 GB RAM, will expand RAM later
(no overclocking at all)
3 Terabyte HGST SATA hard drive
generic SATA DVD-R/RW
OCZ Fatal1ty 550W PSU (the 2010 version, not the 2014 version)
SilverStone Grandia GD05 HTPC case
MCE remote and receiver
unknown PCI-E wifi card (I can look it up)
(I may upgrade the PSU to the Seasonic fanless 520W soon.)

I tried the PuTTY suggested in that other thread, and it said "connection refused". I can't understand networking, because nobody is willing to explain or educate me. I have had nothing but frustration with networking since the "Trumpet Winsock" shareware add-on TCP/IP stack for Windows 3.1. If you can't ping the other computer or see it in some sort of file-manager type of "network viewer" application, there is no diagnostic that can tell you what is wrong, so networking simply will not work, now or ever. So please don't ask me to use PuTTY.

I have good familiarity with /etc/init/whatever, and aliases, because I have run Mandriva since version 8.0. I can edit .rc files as well. After the installation described above, when I hit <CTRL> <ALT> F2, I had overscan on my TV. I looked around a little but could not find any likely place to change whatever setting I might need to change.

Can anyone help me? I would be very grateful.
read this Kodibuntu (wiki)

especially the "desktop mode" part