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Full Version: Recording set to failed
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Hi everybody,
quick question: After a random amount of time (or maybe after reboot, idk), tvheadend set my recordings to failed (Time missed). Why is that so, what settings do I have to change? Info: It happened both to AutoRec DVR entries and to normal recordings. Its really annoying because the record itself is totally perfect and okay.
No immediate answer - I have recordings that are a month+ old, and they still show.

How are you storing them... is it a remote filesystem, or local? Any chance it's not ready as tvh starts for whatever reason?
Check the "Retention" setting for your recording profile in tvheadend.

Edit: after a quick discussion with @ksooo it sounds plausible that the location you're storing recordings at is not available when tvheadend starts. The "time missing" error message is incorrect in that case but that could just be a bug and it should be interpreted as "file missing".
And make sure that the directory the recordings files are in is accessible for tvheadend. IIRC, tvh sets "time missed" if the recording file cannot be found (any more).
Nice cross post....
that username thing still cracks me up Smile
I save the files on an external harddrive. Kodi is running via openelec on Raspi 2. There might be actually something to the "missing" file idea: out of nowhere tvheadend found some files again. The recording profile has the following settings:

Stream Profile: matroska
Cache Scheme: System
DVR Log Retention Time (days): 128
Extra Time Before Recordings (minutes): Not set (none or channel config)
Extra Time After Recordings (minutes): Not set (none or channel config)
EPG Update Window: 24 hrs
Post-Processor Command: [none]

Recording System Path: /media/Media/Rekorder
File Permissions (octal, e.g. 0664): 0775
Filename Charset: UTF-8
Tag Files With Metadata: Yes
Skip Commercials: No

Directory Permissions (octal, e.g. 0775): 0775
Make Subdirectories Per Day: no
Make Subdirectories Per Channel: no
Make Subdirectories Per Title: no

Include Channel Name In Filename: Yes
Include Date In Filename: Yes
Include Time In Filename: Yes
Include Episode In Filename: Yes
Put Episode In Filename Before Date And Time: Yes

Include Subtitle In Filename:Yes
Do Not Include Title To Filename: No
Remove All Unsafe Characters From Filename:Yes
Replace Whitespace In Title with '-': No
Use Windows-compatible filenames: No

Anyone an Idea as to how to fix this?
The test to me would be to simply restart tvheadend on its own. If all the files reappear, then it's almost certainly the "not ready as tvh starts for whatever reason" angle.

The only cure that I can see would be to ensure that the disc is up and running before tvheadend starts - which means either mounting/accessing the drive earlier, or delaying tvheadend until later (or, perhaps, both, if the external drive doesn't start until accessed).