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Full Version: Connecting to home device
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Hi all,

Sorry if this is a duplicate post, I have had a quick look and cannot see anything similar.

Am trying to connect the Kodi App on my Android device (Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge), to the Kodi that is installed on my home computerr. something tells me therre must be a way to view the library and stream the files to my phone for me to listen to the music, or play tv / video files on my Phone. I haev tried many ways. even tried to connect to my Subsonic server and failing on that. so i muist be doing something wrong!

Any help will be muchly appreciated.

Thanks and kid regards

Details will depend on your precise platform(s), but you've got three main ways:

1. Scan the files in from your network source to your 'phone. It now has a standalone library, independent from your PC.

2. Share the library of your master PC using mysql - not ideal, though, but very workable

3. Enable UPnP and share the library of your master PC using that.

I'd suggest this last one. The other benefit is that you can use BubbleUPnP or similar as well as Kodi on the client device.

See if this helps... HOW-TO:Share_libraries_using_UPnP (wiki)