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Full Version: Kodi not showing all CPU cores information in System Info
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Kodi is not showing all 8 CPU cores information in 'System Info' on Rockchip RK3368 devices or any other octa-core CPU device.
It only shows information for CPU0 to CPU5, CPU6-CPU7 information doesn't show properly because of some text strings that aren't long enough.
Is there a way to split the text to show on 2 lines perhaps?

Also want to know if Kodi is optimised for multi-core processors?
Does it support Quad-Core & Octa-Core devices optimally or are most processing still done on a single or dual CPU core?
On eg. Rockchip Android devices with Mediacodec hardware acceleration on eg. CPU0 has 40-70% usage, CPU1 around 15% and all the other CPU cores either around 5% usage or nothing.