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Full Version: Big problems
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I hope somebody can help me. I have a problem with my Amazon Fire Stick. There is Kodi on it. Since a few months I can't watch tv about it. I updated to the newest Kodieversion. I think it is 15.2 but nothing. I made the program list new and the EPG but nothing. Always if I click on the prgramm it is loading and after no picture is coming. It is at every program.
What is your source for the TV? A PVR or add-on? If so, which one(s) are you using?
What is the different? I don't know a lot about and I am from Germany so there could be some language barriers maybe.
Kodi doesn't come with any media or sources, so you must be getting it from somewhere. If it's coming from an add-on, then it could be a number of issues, and if it's coming from a pvr back-end then it could be from a different range of issues.

But without more information, we can't help you, and if you're not willing to give information then we're going to get nowhere. Before we can maybe help to resolve the problem, we need to narrow down exactly what the problem may be.

Also it matters as many Fire Sticks come pre-loaded with Kodi and all sorts of junk add-ons which violate our forum rules (wiki) and we cannot support in any case.
Are you using add-ons to view your content? If so which ones?

Sorry Darren - should have refreshed before I posted.
I think it is about PVR. I can reset PVR and activate and deactivate. In the menu LiveTV at generell I can make this. For radio and other things I can download add ons.
Which PVR are you using to supply the Stick? Can you give details of how you used to be able to watch the TV on the stick, and what may have changed since then to make it fail?

Also can you gather, upload and post a link to a debug log (wiki) of a failed attempt?
PVR-Backend: IPTV Simple PVR Add-on

Version: 1.9.3
OK, and where did you get your channel list (m3u8 file or whatever) from?

Note that many of the ones advertised on YouTube and similar places are illegal pirate streams, and by that very nature are not long-lasting or stable (and are against our forum rules (wiki)).

If it is of a more legitimate nature, then the next step would be to confirm whether the stream itself is actually still available and functional. If possible use another player like VLC to see if that can access it from a computer or suchlike.
Ok thanks.