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Full Version: tvheadend shows 46 channels - KODI only 6
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Tvheadend is running and appears to be working correctly with my old hdhomerun tuner. All the channels show up in the web interface, the over-the-air programming guide works and I can connect to any channel via the web interface with the VLC media player. But KODI only shows six channels. They work fine, but I need the rest of the channels so I can remove windows media player and upgrade to Win10.

HTS Tvheadend 4.1-1416~g9be8881 on Scientific Linux 7 (= Centos 7 = RHEL 7) 64-bit

KODI 16.0RC1 on Windows 7 64-bit with Tvheadend HTSP Client 2.2.12

I've tried older versions of both KODI and Tvheadend with the same result. Ideas?
Can you post your kodi debug log?
I found this happens if I don't go into the channels tab in TVHeadEnd and change the channel number to be a unique integer for each channel. If seeing the original channel numbers (including the decimal point channels) is important to you then also edit the channel name to include the channel number that you are used to seeing. A bonus of doing it this way is that you can control the order in which the channels appear.

Some versions of Kodi (maybe all) seem to have a real issue with not displaying the "decimal point" channels from TVHeadEnd. TVHeadEnd itself has no problem with them, it's entirely a Kodi issue.
I looked at the debug log and didn't see any errors so I loaded TVHClient on my phone and it saw the same 6 channels. I found the issue deep in tvheadend.

In Configuration -> Users -> Access Entries edit the user entry.
Then select Advanced or Expert view.
Under Advanced Settings see Channel tags:
Mine was set to HDTV only.
When I set it to HDTV,SDTV I got all of the channels in KODI.

Problem Solved.
Well that is strange, I don't have any channel tags selected at all and I see all the channels. Maybe not selecting any is the same as selecting all, or maybe you have a newer version of TVHeadEnd that handles those differently.