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Full Version: Choppy playback of HD recordings with pvr-hts
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I've been using MythTV as my media center for at least 10 years, but as the DVB-support in Myth is kind of hard to configure and manage I'm converting my setup to Tvheadend with Kodi and pvr-hts as frontends.

Everything works nice and I love how easy Tvheadend is to manage and configure... and Kodi is perfect for my frontend needs!

However, I've run into one issue I really can't solve and understand!

When playing back a HD recording in Kodi through the pvr-hts addon it is really choppy, like only showing a couple of frames before halting every other second and no sound at all. If I pause for a while and let the buffer fill upp I can get maybe 5-10 seconds of stutter free playback.

Everything else works as it should:

- Playback of SD recordings works like a charm
- Live TV through the pvr-hts addon works for both HD and SD channels
- Playing back all kinds of recordings through Tvheadend's web interface and VLC works

I can even playback the HD recordings stutter free if I map the recordings folder in kodi videos and play them....

The cpu usage of both the backend and frontend are low when trying to play the recordings, and I have gigabit ethernet on both.

I really can't explain why the stuttering occurs! If I solve this problem my setup will be perfect! Smile

Is there a difference in the protocol between tvheadend when streaming a recording instead of live tv?
Doeas anyone have an idea of what's causing my problems?

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Sorry! This thread should be in the Tvheadend section!

I've tried to delete the thread, but could'nt... Maybe a moderator can help?

Try to play with recording profile in tvheadend - see screenshot
There is a github issue https://github.com/kodi-pvr/pvr.hts/issues/286

As far as i get this, this seems to be an issue with a buffer inside the kodi client. I don't know any solution to that, but "jonudewux" uploaded a commit and a github repo.

As a workaround, add the tvheadend recording directory directly to kodi via SMB or any other sharing option.