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Full Version: Batch movie/tvshow copier tool
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I hope it is ok for me to ask this question here.

Is there a script/addon that enables the following workflow?

1. I set a destination folder in the addons settings.
2. I change to my movies
3. I can select a movie and e.g. via its menu can say "copy to destination"
4. The addon starts copying the movie to the destination folder.
5. Meanwhile, I can repeat point 3 and the addon copies the next movie after the other(s) has/have been copied.

It seems pretty basic to me but I can't find any addon that does this.

Thanks for any help,
Kodi in itself has a file manager that can do this.
From the homescreen go to system - file manager and add your sources.
Browse to your source files (left pane) and set the destination for your files (right pane).
Call the context menu on the file you want to move on the left, Select move or copy. Repeat this for each file.
But this shows all the files and not only the movies or am I not using the tool correctly?
(2016-02-19, 17:41)kiesel Wrote: [ -> ]But this shows all the files and not only the movies or am I not using the tool correctly?
Yes, the file manager shows all files.
That is exactly the problem Smile With all the fanart it is troublesome to find the movies you want. And it would be nice to see their fanart (cover, for example) instead of just their name.
I see.
Don't know of any addon that does this the way you want, i always use file manager and it does the job perfectly.
I worked on something similar awhile back with the exception of setting the destination folder: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=256317