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Full Version: Do Music Videos show up as individual Entries in the Movie Library?
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I want to add some Music Videos to Kodi. After googling I found out that the Music Videos will show up under Music but also under my Movie Library - is there a way to hide them from the Movie Library? I don't want to mess up my existing library which I spend so much time on tidying up.
Mine don't appear in the Movie library. Not if the content's set as Music Videos.
Ah ok, thanks. I'll go ahead and add the source then.
"Music Video" is typically classed as a content type of video. So the main place they show is in the video library. But there is also a link from the music library, so they can also be viewed from there.

But, there is nothing stopping you from declaring a music video source folder as "movies" or "music", in which case they will appear in those library nodes, but that wasn't really the intent of Kodi (for music, you would have to add the file extensions in advancedsettings.xml because normally Kodi will ignore video file formats when scanning for music).

scott s.