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Full Version: Scraping for Video Playlists
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Recently I decided to try to create an "in progress recently watched" playlist for videos. I created this playlist but it always came up with no results. I eventually came to the conclusion that a video must be successfully scraped in order for it to appear in a playlist. Because the scrapers didn't work well for me, I had them disabled and set my content to "Local Information Only". So obviously if I'm only using local information, I'll be missing things like Year or Director, I realize. But why shouldn't it just add the filename in as the title so that the smart playlists still work?

This seems like an unreasonable limitation, especially since so much functionality requires a playlist to drive it. If scraping worked really well, I probably wouldn't care, but it doesn't. I always rip to iso, and so I have many files with titles that include things like D1 (i.e. Disc 1) and D2 or Side A and Side B (for long movies), and TV shows with multiple episodes on a disc (i.e. one file, many episodes). None of them scrape right. For most of these it meant a couple hours of manual pain to edit information for the scraper to find a match, but for the tv shows I'm just at a loss at how to get them to show up as the shows they actually are. Trying to set the information results in a dead end popup saying "No information found!" So I'm stuck with files that don't show up in my recently watched list. It looks like maybe there is an xml file based way to fix this, but that is not very appealing.

So, my questions are, 1) is it possible to use playlists without libraries? and 2) Can I get tv show whole ISOs into the library without resorting to making my own nfo files?