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Full Version: Does VDR support skip,FF,RW?
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I have been using mediaportal as backend tv server for quite a while.
Everything works almost perfectly.
I want to get rid of windows in my home.
What is the current status of VDR client for Kodi and VDR backend ?
Does it fully support timeshifting with skip back,forward, pause, play,
FastForward, ReWind ?
yes it does.
FF and REW won't work on my system if there is no EPG data for that channel. Why I don't know, but it is easily overcome in the settings.
Did you try with v17?
Was in the same situation few years back when Kodi's (xbmc's) PVR part was non existent or very buggy and low on features, I was using MediaPortal TV-Service as backend as I didn't have a separate box for VDR. It was miles ahead of Kodi then, actually it is still very good choice, except the obvious downside: Windows. I can't imagine I would ever again return to Windows after Kodi's PVR got better and I changed the TV-Server to linux running VDR with VNSI-server. Thanks to great work by FernetMenta (and of course the VDR team, and all involved in Kodi' PVR), I can say it is perfect!

While with MediaPortal and Windows you always need to do something, and I always had some crashes, I don't really recall VDR ever failed me for two years now. It is rock solid and can do everything.

The weakest part in Kodi's PVR is still the EPG view, although it is getting much better by each release. But this doesn't have nothing to do with the backend, it is frontend. I'm sure Krypton will bring many exciting new features.

Anyway: go for VDR, you will not regret. Configure, and forget about it!