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Full Version: Containment Skin beta release
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Here is why the work on xTV suddenly slowed down. The skin has some features never used in a skin before like having a skin settable startup playlist and you can change some of the image and font colors with a simple skin option. Basically everything in the skin that is orange by default can be changed, I have about six color presets and you can add your own. Also has custom backgrounds and animations. I have also made all the images for the controls in the home window the same size and have the same position on screen so theme makers can basically make them what ever they want, no need to stick with the circle design.

I would like to thank mbesik for doing all the GFX, Donno for the color changing script, and Jezz_X for helping me figure out a few bugs that were driving me crazy.

Containment can be found in the XBMC Skinning Project SVN. Just use the following url in you SVN client:

A prebuilt version can also be found here:

I hope you enjoy
that looks nice. I like the orange on black.
This skin is pretty hardcore Smile I don't think it is for everyone but I really like some of the creative decisions you made.

The color choices is a very nice touch.... Hmmm... you know Nuka has a color choosing widget that might work well if integrated with the font color script under a "Custom" button or something... Hmmm...

Anyway it's great to see thinking that's outside of the box Smile
Great work CHI3f + mbesik - I really like it.

One thing I noticed:

Album Info, on right from the left buttons doesn't go to the textbox. OnLeft does though. Also the spinner looks a little out location-wise.

Will give it a shot, used an ipod for motivation eh?
Asteron, I'm not sure what widget your talking about, unless you mean the chooser.py in AMT?

As Asteron said combining the two scripts wouldn't be too difficult.
I believe he's talking about the SMARTXX LED color chooser
Nuka1195 Wrote:Asteron, I'm not sure what widget your talking about, unless you mean the chooser.py in AMT?

As Asteron said combining the two scripts wouldn't be too difficult.

You have that ambient light color chooser thingie... isnt that yours?
Ah yeah, same as what Pike said.

It could be modified easy enough I'm sure.
That would be freakin sweet!
Ok, what i need from you is a mockup scaled 1/2 or 1/3 scale, the script will be a dialog.

I need a headline to show regular text (use a button, so i can change colors) no textures

then for each style button (i think you have two) I need the three buttons. use <textcolor> for all, but make the colors (textcolor, focusedcolor, disabledcolor) use <texturenofocus> but make the textures (nofucustexture.png for textcolor and disabledcolor button and make focusedtexture.png for focusedcolor) obviously use your filenames.

I need a list control example( one for textcolor and focus like the buttons use button controls) and spinners and whatever you want to be able to change

rss feed will just be three button controls one for each color.

Did I explain that right? I need the examples for each control you want to show changes for, but I think if you use buttons for all of them. I can change colors and selections. I think buttons can look like lists.

Edit: Better yet use <disabledcolor> for all buttons. I can set that color directly. Of course for images, i can use <colordiffuse>
Also I need to find a way to handle your fontcolors.xml file. I may need to create a special file that has contol and what include it is. I'll create that. or maybe have a set include name for each control.
I'm confusing myself.
The link to the prebuilt version doesn't work. any chance of updating the link?
Did you try clicking the link in my sig?
I just tried this on the xbox, as others have said. The animations are sweet, but the sounds are even better.

well done

Edit: What's the name of the font. I want to search for a compatable one, but with more characters. for instance the degree symbol is missing
Thanks man. The main font is Daville.ttf I honestly forget what the real name of the homelabels.ttf was, sorry.
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