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Full Version: Scrap.exe Scraper Tester Tool (now outdated and no longer working)
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I'm having a lot of issues with getting my TV shows correctly identified by XBMC. I'm trying out a few different schemes, and wanted to figure out exactly how XBMC is getting it's info.

Firstly, can someone (probably spiff) please explain briefly how the scraper stuff works.

Secondly, I can't build scrap.exe, it's complaining about a missing file (utils.h)
Is this really missing? or have I done somethig wrong?

And finally, how does scrap.exe handle episode numbers for the tv scraper?
If I wanted to scrape Battlestar Galactica series 1 episode 1 what do pass it on the command line?

i'll do part one.

the scraper flow is described in the wiki, here http://www.xboxmediacenter.com/wiki/inde...craper.xml

not at home, but i'm sure the scrap in svn builds fine. see the source for how the command line is handled.

Thanks for the quick reply, found that page after I posted Smile

Still can't build the scraper.
Scraper.cpp includes "utils.h"

I can't see this in SVN.

If you get a chance, can you have a look into this when you're home.

Maybe you can also take a look at this :
It scrap video only for now anyway