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Full Version: EXIF Rotation gone in Kodi 16
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Can anybody tell me what happened with the EXIF Rotation in the last version of Kodi 16?
In Kodi 15 this option was still there when going to System-Settings-Pictures-EXIF Rotation
the settings has been removed. it's enabled by default now.
Thank you so much for the quick reply.
Can you tell me how i can view pictures in a proper way which are already manually rotated by me?
All my pictures from before 2015 are manually rotated and due to the auto setting the picture seems to be rotated incorrectly now.

I guess the only way is to fix the EXIF data
Can you elaborate on what you mean with "fix" the EXIF data?
Do you mean i need to "un"rotate all the pictures that i have rotated myself in the past in order to view them in a correct way?
Becasue now Kodi thinks to rotate based on EXIF but actually this is already done by me.
Plenty of software will do them all on mass with a single click.