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Full Version: Change to up-directory of NFS share not working at root of NFS share
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I have encountered unexpected behaviour during browsing of NFS shares. If up-directory '..' is selected at root of NFS export, the action has no effect.

Steps to reproduce:
Precondition: At least one NFS network share accessible by Kodi.
  1. Browse to Videos --> Files --> Add videos ... --> Browse
  2. Select Network File System (NFS)
  3. Select the NFS server
  4. Select the NFS share
  5. Select '..' to change one hierarchy up
At step 5, the directory context does not change. I would expect to see the same view of step 4 after step 5.
I can observe this behaviour at 16.0-RC3 (Windows) and 15.2 (Linux).

I think the problem can be seen within this debug log of 16.0-RC3: http://xbmclogs.com/p6mggu4ag
I am accessing nfs:// at step 4 (/srv/share/tmp/ is exported by At step 5, Kodi tries to access nfs:// which is not exported by

In addition, if the above steps are extended to
6. Select any sub directory of the share
7. Select '..' to change one hierarchy up (-->now at root of share)
8. Select '..' to change one hierarchy up

At step 8 the selection (highlighted line) changes from '..' to the accessed sub directory of step 6.